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Your Insurer may have appointed a Building Consultant to report on the damage to your home and specify rectification. The Consultant is often under pressure to complete many reports and follow a pro-forma system which may not suit your problem. The Consultant may not be accredited and have minimal if any qualifications and minimal or no experience.

In the first instance please use out Free review service.

We offer a comprehensive fee for service peer review for your Building Consultant or Loss Assessor reports and the management of building claims. Cost may be reimbursed by Your Insurer, please review your PDS for allowance for supervision.
  • Audit compliance with both current and historical building regulation.
  • Audit compliance with Australian and New Zealand Standards.
  • Audit etimates and measurements.
  • Audit fire, flood and storm scopes for accuracy and necessity.
  • Audit work in progress for compliance with building regulations.
  • Perform shadow critical stage inspections where a construction certificate is not issued.

Many buldings are reconstructed by insurers without giving the homowner the basic security provided by NSW Legislation which mandates Critical Stage Inspection for all construction work. While there is a benefit to both Insurer and Owner in avoiding delay caused by the Development Application process, it may be wise to carry out the mandatory inspections.

Paul McNamara is a qualified Building Surveyor and able to perform Critical Stage Inspections and certify compliance with the relevant, either current or historical, regulation.  The cost of this work may be covered by your insurance policy.
Please contact Paul McNamara if you beleive you have a need for our service.

Phone 0418 221 034
email paul@buildingknowhow.com.au