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1740 B.C.
“Si aedificaveris domum novam, facies tabulatum per circuitum in tecto tuo; nec pones sanguinem in domo tua, si quispiam ceciderit ex duo.”  The bible passage, as translated by Young states: “When thou buildest a new house then thou hast made a parapet to thy roof and thou doest not put blood upon thy house when one falleth from it” (Deuteronomy 22.8)
750 B.C.
The following acts and ordinanced determine how buildings are required to be constructed in NSW and before they separated, New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria and most of South Australia and the Northern Territory.. Reference to the legislation is necessary to determine the correct method of construction and therefore identification of construction defects. The ruling legislation at the time of construction will probably reflect the current condition of consent for unaltered buildings. To depart from the development consent will necessitite a new Development Application and Consent. Refer to our development chronology for an indication of the age of your house or commercial development

1823      NSW became a colony. Prior to this NSW was a penal settlement and subject to military rule.
1829      All English laws apply to NSW
1841      Public Health Act in Britian
1875      Public Healt Act in Britian was the beginning of the power of local authorities
1901      Federation
1902      NSW Constitutions Act
1905      British local government by laws extended to cover the colony.
1906      Local Government Act No. 56
1909      Ordinance 70
1912      Ordinance 70 Amended
1913      Ordinance 70A
1914      Ordinance 70 Amended.
1914      Ordinance 70B
1918      Ordinance 70A amended
1921      Ordinance 71.
1931      Statute of Westminster.
1936      British Public health Act.
1939      Statute of Windsor Act in NSW.
1947      Public Healt Act in Britain.
1973      Ordinance 70.
1990      Building Code of Australia.