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A System to Inspect, Report and Repair Fire Damaged Structures

We developed our system after watching many fire restoration jobs fail for the Insurer and the Customer in every respect.

Our system is commercially sensitive so these pages do not contain the detail, we will provide that at a meeting with you. Please contact us.

We offer:
  • A pre-determined management system wherein actions are triggered by the nature of each event. The insurer can be confident the procedure is cost effective, efficient and that all procedures and actions can be traced and verified as necessary.
  • The process is mapped out for the customer who will therefore have an understanding of the program for reconstruction.
  • Rapid response. We like to see the site while it is burning or at least while the brigade is in attendance so that we can determine the nature of the fire. Without this our reports are less accurate.
  • Make-safe management by an experienced construction contractor. We are available to take possession on behalf of the Insurer for the period between release by the emergency services and appointment of a Building Contractor.
  • Paul McNamara is a qualified Building Surveyor and therefore appropriately qulified to determine the need for and extent of any demolition and able to effeciently obtain the appropriate consent from the Authority Having Jutisdiction.
  • We offer competitive rates for in house design and drafting for reconstruction. You do not pay a mark-up by consultants who sub-contract that work, our response is rapid with drafting staritng immediately we are appointed. Drafting is carried out by Douglas Mcnamara alongside scopes for reconstruction and preparation of a Construction Certificate Application.
  • Paul McNamara is a qualified Quntity Surveyor and therefore able to effeciently and cost effectively manage the tender process in parallell with the development approvals process.
  • We can provide MYOB or Quickbooks reports on the job cost where necessary.
  • Our system allows for the appointment of other consultants only when necessary and only where necessary. Waste is minimised.
  • We calculate the heat in the building to determine if damage may have occurred, we test materials to determine the extent of damage.  We do not guess and we do not make assumptions because things look bad. We know fires and they do not scare us.
  • We know what is required to remove the smell of the fire. Fire restoration specialists for the Structure are generally not required.
  • We are experienced in efficiently managing Cost Plus contracts where Loss of Profit exposure necessitates rapid repair. 


Some of the fire restoratios Paul McNamara has managed.
  • Woollaware Pier.
  • Norman Hotel Woollongabba.
  • St. Ives Shopping Centre.
  • Restaurant at Fox Studios.
  • Shopping Arcade Bondi Beach
  • Centennial Park Residence
  • Lillyfield residence
  • Baulkham Hills residence
  • Parramatta Home unit carpark and residences
  • Factory Complex at McGrath's Hill.
  • Factory Complex at Mascot.

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